Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Sun Chaser

This morning I was looking through writing I've done over the past couple of years - short stories, short paragraphs here and there that I've written.  Some pertaining to the novel I'm Writing and some, let's just say, not so much.  I ran across this and thought I'd put it out there - here - let me know what you think - drafty draft and I"ll keep working on it.

The Sun Chaser
I'm an early riser. Now when most people say that, I bet you think, sure, you get up at six and get to work about eight. Good on you.

That might be true for most people but when I say I'm an early riser, I mean early. I'm usually up by three and out the door by four am.  And no, I am not a dairy farmer. I do not milk cows for a living.  I chase the sun.

So this morning, I'm following my normal routine and yes, you guessed it...

The alarm goes off about 2:45. I hit the snooze.  What self-respecting person doesn't hit the snooze?  Nine minutes later the alarm goes off again and I get up.  Can anyone explain to me why alarm snoozes are nine minutes?  Every alarm clock I've ever had has a snooze set at nine minutes. Is there some law in Taiwan about nine minutes?  Something in their religion I don't know about? Maybe I missed that day in school where I didn't learn something really important about Taiwanese culture?  Wait did we even learn about Taiwanese culture in school? Probably not.

So anyway, I get up.  I hit the shower, get dressed and walk into my kitchen to start my nice normal bacon and eggs  breakfast. You eat bacon right?  Who doesn't eat bacon!  Don't read this if you don't eat bacon!

So I walk into the kitchen and bam! My whole day gets sent into a tizzy and no, it's not because I was out of bacon, although that could have done it. Apparently a bird died in a bottle on my kitchen table and then disappeared and left only a feather behind.

Only, I don't know where the bottle came from or what kind of bird it was. In fact, I'm not 100% sure the bird actually died, maybe it teleported, but don't you think it's incredible it got inside that bottle in the first place?

But I digress. You see, I'm an animal lover, although I don't have any animals, on account of being allergic and that I have an early schedule because I chase the sun, remember? Sun chaser.  I figure that makes for long days that's not good for having pets.  Plus my therapist discourages it. He says I have dissociative something or other and that's no conducive to having pets. Anyway I tried it once and since I chase the sun the dog peed in the house so I gave him to the neighbor. They both seem happy.

So this morning, I was going to make my bacon and eggs, just like normal, except here was this bottle on the table. At first I thought it was empty, maybe left over from the cleaning lady. That happened last week. The cleaning, I mean. She comes in once a week and last week she left a bottle of empty cleaning detergent in the waste basket and it smelled really bad.  Only this bottle didn't smell at all.  Plus when I picked up this bottle, well, it had the feather.

That's when I figured the bird must have crawled in there and died and gone to heaven or teleported somewhere.  Well, because all that's left is a feather.  But I still don't know where the bottle came from.  So I'm sitting there thinking about all this - the bottle, the bird, and I got behind on making my breakfast and then all of a sudden the sun showed up.  It came through the window and lit up the feather like it was an angel wing sent from god.

I just sat there staring at the bottle, at the sun and the feather.  My day was over.  See I chase the sun. The sun doesn't chase me.  She was already up and gone.  There was no way I could catch her now. My day was ruined.

But here was heaven in a bottle. God sent me an angel wing in a bottle.  The sea fell from my eyes and I tasted it on my tongue.  My day was done.

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